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Fractured Teeth

Fractured Teeth

Tooth fractures can range from minor (involving chipping of the outer tooth layers called enamel and dentin) to severe (involving vertical, diagonal, or horizontal fractures of the tooth and / or root). Early treatment is essential in saving cracked teeth.

Many amongst you come with the complaint of broken or chipped off teeth which may or may not be painful but affects your appearance. We can combine restorative dentistry along with cosmetic dentistry and repair your damaged teeth. The right choice of treatments depends on how badly your teeth is damaged and is decided by our specialist.

Symptons of fractured teeth:

  • Pain when chewing
  • Temperature sensitivities
  • Pain upon release of biting pressure

Different types of cracks in teeth are:

  • Fractured Cusp
  • Cracked Tooth
  • Split Tooth
  • Vertical Root Fracture

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