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Impant Dentistry

Impant Dentistry

Dental implants are artificial substitutes for natural tooth roots. When teeth are lost or have been removed, Dental Implants replaces damaged or missing tooth with metal (Titanium) screw-like posts and artificial ceramic teeth that look and work like any normal tooth.

Dental implants are better alternatives to conventional techniques. While conventional treatments takes months to cure, with implant placement the patient is ready to eat, drink and smile within an hour.

World's most advanced technique of replacing missing tooth or teeth in your mouth with the option of fixed replacement giving a strong longitivity and natural look is one by placing implant by our expert implantologist opinion.

Different types of Implant treatments are:

  • Implant Supported Crown:
    Dental Tooth Implants are sometimes used instead of bridges to maintain the integrity of the teeth on either side of the missing teeth.

  • Implant Supported Bridge:
    When replacing teeth in far back of mouth dental implants are the only fixed alternative. Dentures or partials cannot offer the same stability or function.

  • Implant Supported Dentures:
    Implant supported dentures distributes your biting pressure more like natural teeth and stimulating the supportive structure of your teeth to prevent the soft tissues and bone from shrinking away. You can replace an entire set of teeth with beautiful, natural-looking implants.

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