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Lesion Management

Lesion Management

Lesion Management is key for healthy living. The root lesions may happen in various ways and the severity and extend of the negative effect also varies vastly. Diagnosis as to be done in a very efficient way and our expert doctors can do the job efficiently.

If lesions (malignant or benign) are diagnosed in the early stages, it shall help in the management of various diseases. Appropriate diagnosis & care have to be performed so that lesion conditions are treated in the right time. The quality of the patient life can also be increased considerably if the diagnostic procedures are carried out in an appropriate manner.

Long standing infection in the root end of a tooth can also be treated at ease with a minor surgical procedure as it heals well biologically and functional restoration of teeth is achieved.

Some of the common lesions are:

  • Premalignant lesions & oral lesions
  • Candidiasis
  • Vesiculoerosive diseases
  • Herpes virus de-activation

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