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Every type of surgical procedures from wisdom tooth removal to major surgical procedures like fracture management, etc are undertaken at V M Family Dental Clinic.

The major complaint of pain is inconvenience due to highly infectious and decayed tooth can be removed through surgical extraction of definition with very minimal pain. It also involves surgery of jaw bones in case of major trauma or accidental injury in facial structures, wisdom teeth removal, disorders of periostewn, salivary glands and cyst removal. The complaint of tempura mandibular joint pain can also be managed and relieved by our expert surgeon opinion.

Various types of surgeries undertaken includes:

  • Tooth Extraction
    Having a tooth extracted is the most common type of oral surgery. Alternative treatment options such a root canals or tooth restoration is the treatment of choice, but an extraction may be necessary for many people.

  • Jaw Surgery
    If the jaws are not aligned properly, it can cause problems with your appearance and with the function of the mouth. Surgery is necessary in many cases to correct bites or restore full function.

  • Removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth
    The last teeth to develop are the third molars. Sometimes, these teeth do not cause issues, but for many people they do not fully erupt, or they are improperly aligned.

  • Dental Implants
    Implants are one of the most modern ways to replace missing teeth.

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